Portland has seen several iconic and long standing restaurants close their doors recently, and now another beloved restaurant will do the same.

Five Fifty-Five on Congress Street, named after their address, has announced they will be closing in April, according the Portland Press Herald. Owners Steve and Michelle Corry are not closing immediately in order to give their employees time to find other jobs.

Five Fifty-Five was there at the start of the restaurant boom in Portland that put the city on the map nationally, but the Corrys said that they will keep their other restaurant, Petite Jacqueline on Market Street open. Some of Five Fifty-Five's dishes will appear on the menu at Petite Jacqueline.

This may not be the end of Five Fifty-Five completely though, as the Corrys have said they are keeping the options open, but a combination of food costs, the increase in the minimum wage and a shortage of workers all contributed to their decision to close.


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