A friend of mine recently said that I should totally float my stress away. I was like, what?


I had never heard of such a thing. But there IS such a thing right here in Portland on Washington Avenue. It's called Float Harder. According to Float Harder:

We are a float spa in Portland, Maine.  Looking for a new experience?  Try the ultimate tool for relaxation.  Our sensory deprivation tanks will help you to relax your muscles and clear your mind.  If you experience chronic pain, enjoy meditation, feel overwhelmed by sensory over load, are looking for that competitive edge, or just want to relax, then treat yourself to a session in one of our float pods or float rooms!


My friend was like, 'You should totally do this! You get in naked and...'

Wait. Stop. Naked in a pod that makes you float (lots of salt). Plus I don't swim!

No swimming skills are required.  The body floats effortlessly in the salty solution.  You can even fall asleep and you'll be safely supported by the buoyancy of the water.

Mmmm...and that naked part? That's totally up to you. See? This perfectly shaped woman has clothes on.



I have to say I am intrigued...have you done this?


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