Kirsten Wears (third from the left) and all the employees at Food City do so much for the community, and that includes 'Cans for a Cure'. Their commitment to 'Cans' is beyond impressive!

Coming up on June 11th, I'll be at Food City in Bridgton for a live broadcast! This all started because Food City wanted to have a party and collect bottles and cans. They had already built a shed to hold all the returnables!

Food City

That shed is now full! Can you believe it? I can...that's how amazing these guys are. Even the Bridgton News was impressed and did an article on how involved with the community Food City is. I have to admit that my favorite part of the article is when I was quoted...

Last year, Voornas said, when we doubled our goal to one million bottles and cans (50,000 dollars) for the Cancer Community Center and Maine Cancer Foundation, we learned quick - that's a lot of !@#$%% cans!

So let's fill that shed 1000 times before the year ends, urged Voornas.

The party on June 11th will include food, fun activities for the kids (bounce house!) and a shed for your returnables! The party is 10a-2p and I'll be there early broadcasting! Hope to see you there.


I would be remiss if I didn't mention other great businesses also helping behind the scenes and all year round making 'Cans for a Cure' a huge success! Major thanks and even more gratitude for the following good guys.

I am so happy and excited for this years 'Cans for a Cure'...together, we really are making a difference!