In my travels during the weekend, I saw people at stores buying all of the essential items for an international incident of this magnitude.

That included bread, toilet paper, and of course, to my surprise, guns.

I saw that the line outside of Cabella's was long, and as people are getting ready for what equates to a long 45-100 days.

On the phone with a friend who just purchased a handgun for these trying times, he told me upon walking into the store, he explained his situation to the salesmen.

"I've fired a gun before on a hunting trip with my friend and his dad, years back, but not since, I very am new to this." The salesman's response was, "Son, I have just the thing for you!"


According to NBC News, there have been 5.5 million background checks conducted since January, and it is not slowing down.

Either way, we are all hoping that the worst has already happened.

What are your thoughts, do you feel there is a need to buy at this point, or do you think people think its the "cool" thing to do?

I welcome your thoughts.

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