I will never, ever forget that day.


It was March 13th 2020. A Friday - normally a pretty nice feeling a Friday. Not this day - this was the last time I found toilet paper. I bought 2 big packs of toilet paper for almost 50 dollar at BJ's. I spent almost 500 dollars buying things like a life time supply of spaghetti.


I had the day off and went to BJ's super early. No mask, no social distancing...just buying as much stuff as I could for a family of 5. I was convinced that we weren't going to be able to leave our homes...I wasn't sure what was happening.

I remember calling into Jeff and Brittany and telling them I found toilet paper! What a find! And that was the last time I found it for months.

I remember thinking that schools were closed? Wait, what? There was a week where the kids were just at home with no schooling as schools scrambled to figure out how to deal with this news.

I remember talk of it being just a couple of weeks. Well, maybe a month. Oh surely, by this summer - it would be better...and it just kept getting worse and worse. I remember being one of the only ones early on with a mask on grocery shopping. I wiped down every single item purchsed and had a whole system in my car. The back hatch was for cleaning, then cleaned groceries went into the back seat.

I even stripped in my backyard to change my clothes. Once I remember giving my neighbor quite the show!

It's been a year, over half a million people have died, businesses have been shut down for good....but through it all, there have been the bright spots. Let's hope those bright spots become spot lights for the rest of this year.

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