I've actually followed this story for a long time once I noticed this one building over on Forest Ave that seemingly had the perfect location for a restaurant, but just wasn't getting a new owner. It was going on a year (possibly more) as un-sold and consistently vacant. The building, called Elsmere Barbecue, was a Portland staple to some. It shut down over a year ago, and left tons of Mainers wondering what was next.

Ironically, another popular Portland barbecue spot called Noble Barbecue has just announced that they are going to be the ones to finally take over the vacant spot. According to Portland Old Port, not only are they relocating to Stevens Ave over in Deering Center, but another interesting move is happening. Their seven-year staple of barbecue-style food is now becoming a pizzeria as well.

This is super interesting to me, but also kind of appealing in a way? I'm actually unsure how I feel about this, because when I'm in the mood for pizza, I don't typically go to a barbecue spot. However, the more I think about it, I guess smoking meat and smoking pizza could be a good little combo.

I'm excited for the deck to be open at this new spot, plus it's right across from one of my favorite convenient stores and yet another Portland staple, The Quality Shop.

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