When a global pandemic hits and travel in every corner of the Earth moves to a crawl, what are you to do when it comes to leisure and vacations?

Well, if you've got a bank account that hangs out in the millions, there's a private luxury island in Maine that may be calling your name.

According to PRNewswire.com, the northern 12 acres of House Island is being offered up  to posh visitors for the cool price tag of $250,000 per week.

Yes, you read that right. While that may seem like a hefty sum of coin to most people, for the ultra-rich it might seem like a bargain.

A privatized, secure part of the island with lots to see and do during a pandemic? Almost like a dream come true. It's only a hop and skip from the airport in Portland with nightlife and restaurants just a short ferry ride away.

So what is on this northern portion of House Island? Three luxury homes to start with. Those homes can accommodate up to 45 people total. The northern half of the island is home to 5 exclusive beaches with unobstructed views for sunrises and sunsets along with a variety of walking trails and other outdoor activities.


If you're bringing your yacht, there's a place to anchor that too. And if you're bringing your helicopter, there are three different spots on the island to land and take off.

To be clear, the southern half of the island is not included in the $250,000 per week rental as that is owned and operated by Fortland LLC. That portion is home to Fort Scammel, the only privately owned 19th century fort in the entire United States.

But, according to the House Island website, a full island buyout is available if you want to go big.

There's also another intriguing add-on to this luxury rental of the north half of House Island: A chance to customize the experience by adding amenities such as a private chef for your stay, activity guides, camp counselors for children and around-the-clock security for the island.

So while it may not be the Galapagos islands, House island is exclusive and luxurious. Check that bank account and get your helicopter ready, it's going to be a fun summer.

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