Get ready to see a little bit of Maine on your mail starting next year. According to WMTW, The United States Postal Service will roll out two new forever stamps featuring Maine next year.

One of the stamps is in celebration of Maine's bicentennial - the state was founded in 1920, so we're celebrating our 200th birthday next year! This one will feature Edward Hopper's painting "Sea at Ogunquit."

The other stamp is a part of a series of stamps, displaying gorgeous gardens from around the country. The Maine stamp in this series will feature the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay.

I'm a little surprised that the Maine stamp doesn't feature a more iconic or recognizable image, like say, Portland Head Light. Clearly no one ran this decision by me. However, I'm still happy that Maine is getting some recognition on a stamp next year, and I'm sure that I'll be going out to buy some!

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