Across the state of Maine, farmers markets have grown in popularity more and more every year. Whether it's the idea of supporting local farmers, trusting the source or just finding things you can't find at supermarkets, the Farmers Market has become a destination for so many. So what is missing? Wine, that's what. Oh, and not just wine, but FREE WINE!

According to WGME, a new bill is being proposed that would allow wine tastings at Farmers Markets across the state of Maine. There would obviously be some rules and conditions if the bill is passed, but it would mark a first in Maine.

If the bill does pass, the wine offerings at Farmers Markets would have to follow similar rules to any other vendor. Nobody under 21 would be able to consume wine. Nobody visibly intoxicated can be served under any circumstance. But there a couple of additional rules that might be perk your ears up a bit.

One of the additional clauses will be that all wine offered at tastings must be free of charge. During wine tastings, pours cannot exceed more than 2oz at a time. Taste the wine, enjoy the wine, but don't get too wild and crazy on the wine.

So would this be a game changer for Famers Markets in Maine? Would wine tastings bring you to a Farmers Market that you have never visited before?

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