Okay, so you might not be the type of person who signs up to complete (or even watch) a running marathon, but have you ever considered a comedy marathon?

Chances are you haven't, since I'm pretty sure this isn't a thing. However, Fresnel Theater in Portland is MAKING it a thing, as a creative way of raising $24,000 to complete their much-needed restroom renovations. The year-old theater and organization that hosts improv classes, puts on weekly performances, and more!

Today, Friday at 8pm, kicks off Fresnel Theater's 26.2 hour-long improvathon! The nonstop-laughs continue until Saturday at 10:15pm. They've planned out the day+ of programming flawlessly, with different show that match up with the time of day. Saturday morning at 2am, for example, Fresnel is putting on "AM All Play," a comedy show based on morning radio (ring a bell, anyone?) along with tons of other varied shows for all ages and tastes. Register now for a show and witness Maine's first 26.2-hour fund raising improvathon!

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