20-year-old USM Sophie Jamison, known online as Sophie Lightning, has changed the lives of so many across America. All with her social media pages on Instagram and Tik Tok.

It all started when Sophie was in her teens, and she developed a condition that caused her blood not to clot properly, which made her give up all contact sports, including soccer, which she loved so much. In an interview with News Center Maine. She had this to say.

"I was devastated. Soccer was my whole life, and all my friends were on the team, so suddenly I was kind of isolated, couldn't do the one thing that I really love to do and entered High School, which is already a big change and already scary and stressful. I found myself just really kind of lonely and sad."

As you can imagine, the Saco native spent many of her days figuring out what to do next, but her hidden passion for Nerf blasters, which she established in her teenage years, turned into something creative for her. She eventually established an Instagram page called Nerf 101 to see how things would turn out, and she started developing a following.

Her would-be empire expanded as she posted her first Tik Tok video in January. Within a short time, she gained 10,000 followers, and the people at Nerf were pleased with this and not only did they send her a care package, but they also invited her to several nerve expos. According to News Center Maine.

When asked if she's rich from her newfound online fame, Sophie said,

"No, I'm only make enough to pay for college and my apartment a car. I'm not going to buy a mansion like most people that are YouTube famous. "

It sounds definite like she's rich in spirit and love as she did not let something that a lot of people would have allowed hold them back, keep her from making a way.


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