Did you enjoy watching Super Bowl LV? It was pretty epic. For me, the greatest moment was not watching Tom Brady win his 7th Super Bowl. It wasn't cheering when Gronk caught two touchdown passes. It wasn't at the many entertaining, funny, and inspiring commercials in between the game. And it certainly wasn't the lukewarm halftime show. THE moment of the 2021 Super Bowl was the crazy idiot who decided to run out onto the field. It's just not a Super Bowl without a streaker!  TV cameras only showed it for a brief second before they panned away. But thanks to social media, we have the FULL video for you here. At multiple angles!


Remember back in the day when they would show the streaker on the field? As a kid we would go crazy watching it! But I guess it was a good idea not to show them as it only propelled more idiots to do the same.



The fact that this even happening this year was pretty amazing. Few people allowed in. Pandemic protocols. Generally heightened security. His infamous streak begs more questions than answers. How did this happen? Why the interesting wardrobe? How drunk do you need to be to do this? What happens after you get caught? Why did he QB slide at the goal line? Why not take it in for the score? I imagine there's quite a beatdown before they take you to jail.

Now Jim Nance and Tony Romo only made a passing glance at the streaker. Meanwhile, our broadcasting brother Kevin Harlan made a ful-on play by play of the moment for his radio audience. Reason #2437 that Radio is better than TV. THIS. IS. HILARIOUS. Listen:


Pull up your pants. Take off the bra. And be a MAN. Kevin Harlan 2024!


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