Want Lori or Kylie to come to YOU and pick up your bottles and cans? They'll do that...all you have to do is get on the 'Can Van' route.


What's the 'Can Van' route? Oh, it's awesome sauce. Ya see, Bill Dodge Autogroup gives us every year their GIANT truck to go and collect bottles and cans! Hence the 'Crash' Voornas sign on the drivers door. Uhaul has donated a truck this year for Kylie to use! Thank you Uhaul!

Together we head out around 9 am during Cans for a Cure. We will come to you and get your bottles and cans. All we ask is that you...ya know, drink a lot. And I do mean a lot. Our goal this year is 1.5 MILLION bottles and cans. That's 75,000 dollars all going to the Cancer Community Center right here.

We would LOVE to come to you. So please email Lori so she can freak out about the 'Can Van' route.




Thank you so much. It's a huge goal and we couldn't be happier to help such an amazing organization.

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