The gang is back. One person from each Townsquare Media radio station is back on the Cat heading for a packed weekend in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.


First, the five and a half hour trip over on the high speed ferry, the Cat was fabulous. It went by in no time! But don't leave your phone alone or Celeste (WBLM) and Nikki (WHOM) will steal it and add their faces to it. (That's Xander from CYY photo bombing it!) This pic is now my back screen on my phone.

These three nuts alone with Annie from The Peak are my voyage mates. Karen (sales) is also joining us. We had a blast on the Bay Ferries, Cat with a cafe, a cafeteria and a lounge. Guess which one was our favorite.  Good job - the Forchu Lounge! Have you ever had a lemon drop? You should...

When we landed we had a fabulous walking tour with Yarmouth Walking Tours. We heard a couple of awesome ghost stories and then landed for some great beer at Rudders. Great shot of the Cat docked in Yarmouth...

At Rudders Brew knew you were in Canada because it was Poutine Night!

And the craft beers were a flowing. Yarmouth is a hopping (you'll get that pun in a minute) with craft beers. Very much like Portland.

Then it was off to more walking and more stories with the Yarmouth Walking Tours. Did you know that the largest sailing vessel only made one trip before it was ship wrecked here in Yarmouth? The Castilian crashed right in Yarmouth.

Then we went to another brewery, Heritage Brewery, that had JUST opened last year during our trip, and this year was their grand opening of their new digs! This is the brewery started by two teachers...who are still teaching and making mighty fine beer!

Did I mention that Yarmouth enjoys their libations? And so did I and that was just in two hours of landing! More on our full day in Yarmouth..stay tuned.