It felt like, for much of the last few months, the weather hasn't allowed us to enjoy much of the outdoors.

Now the weather has vastly improved. Beaches, parks, and other beloved Maine landmarks are finally reopening after being closed due to the virus. Locals have been emerging from their homes to play socially distant tourist and adventuring to areas that are often filled with out of staters.

Unfortunately, there's always someone who tries to ruin these wonderful experiences for the rest of us.

Giant's Stairs, located on the Harpswell coast offers family-friendly trails, beautiful rock formations, and a gorgeous view of Casco Bay.

This week early morning visitors weren't met with wildlife or crashing waves, but graffiti. Red, yellow, and green littered the gorgeous rocks.

The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office (207-693-3369) is looking for any information to help them identify the individual(s).

There are a million better uses for a can of spraypaint than tagging nature. During this time we should be uited and helping our Maine brothers and sisters enjoy what we can during this unpresidented time.

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