Someone Was Bored In Lewiston And Created This…Masterpiece
Boredom is a real part of life and something that strikes us all from time to time. But rarely, at least we hope, do you resort to defacing public property as an answer to your boredom.
That wasn't the case in Lewiston, as spotted by one of our listeners, who snapped this photo of perhaps the du…
New LePage Graffiti in Portland
Just last week, a small graffiti message located under a bridge in Portland caught the eye of several passerby's and the Maine Department of Transportation. That message pales in comparison to the one found on Portland's East End today.
As seen in photos shared to Twitter by reporters Melis…
The “Dump LePage” Graffiti In Portland To Be Removed
After a weekend filled with national headlines over the latest controversy stemming from Maine's Governor, an anonymous graffiti artist surprised residents of Portland with a "Dump LePage" message under the Deering Avenue overpass.
According to WGME, the Maine Department o…