There is always a hidden cost for expansion and that is what Portland residents and tourists will pay when the Asylum begins their renovation and expansion in the not-too-distant future. The price will be the now infamous "Greetings From Portland" graffiti wall at the corner of Center and Free streets that has harbored countless Facebook and Instragram photos across the world.

According to the Bangor Daily News, the Asylum has been a supporter of street art in Portland for decades now. Their graffiti wall has been done up countless different times since the late 1990's, with murals covering Stephen King's greatest fictional characters to a political statement involving George W. Bush. More recently, the wall has become a place for an ever-changing "Greetings From Portland" mural that has drawn thousands of tourists with their cameras.

Stephen King of Horror Mural, Portland, Maine
The Asylum has promised to continue supporting street art while their expansion is ongoing. There is already another wall that's been designated for use by artists and the club plans on adding removable panels so that artists can sell their work rather than just spray painting over it.

That won't make the famous wall coming down hurt any less. There is no firm timetable as to when the demolition will happen, although it is expected to begin any day now.

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