It's Spring Breakup season in Maine, which leaves our roads torn to pieces with potholes, bumps, surprise ditches and straigh-up sinkholes. What fun!

One mystery Mainer augmented a "BUMP" warning sign in Parkman, Maine with a sign above it that reads, "WICKED FRIGGIN'" just to clarify that actual size of said bump in the road.

It may feel a bit pandering when commercials or ads use Mainer slang. It's like, c'mon. Mainers speak English, stop trying to be cute. But it's an entirely different thing when actual Mainers vandalize signs and walls with Mainerisms. Ya kinda gotta love it.

Wicked Mainer shared the picture on their facebook page and if you enjoy good Maine memes and local content (and aren't already following them), I'd recommend adding them to your feed. Just to be clear, we're not condoning vandalism and graffiti... but if you're gonna spray paint something in your neighborhood, at least make it entertaining, right?

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