Just last week, a small graffiti message located under a bridge in Portland caught the eye of several passerby's and the Maine Department of Transportation. That message pales in comparison to the one found on Portland's East End today.

As seen in photos shared to Twitter by reporters Melissa Bodnar and Callie Ferguson, a new LePage message was scrolled today. One where a likeness of the Governor of Maine is donning a white robe similar to those worn by the Ku Klux Klan. The words "racist, homophobe and moron" are also scrolled next to the likeness. The word "Governor" is also scrolled, but crossed out by a red line. Clearly, the artist or artists behind this latest graffiti art want LePage ousted.

This comes on the heels of a weekend hashtag found on Twitter and Facebook #boycottMaine. The idea behind the hashtag was to boycott visiting Maine and shopping at Maine businesses until Governor LePage was removed from his office. Thankfully for Maine businesses, the hashtag received very little attention.

Still, the image put forth by graffiti artists is shocking and continues to show a growing divide between those who support LePage and those who oppose him. The question has to be now....what's next?

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