Julie Bennet of South Paris has a rare form of cancer and she and her family are facing expenses that, even with insurance, would be burdensome for most of us. Hillary Elaine Groves reached out to us asking if there was anything we could do to spread the word about their GoFundMe.

Julie was been diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma in October, a rare form of cancer that only 300 people in the US are diagnosed with yearly. Because of the rarity of her cancer, she needs to see a specialist in New York City, so there have been a lot of travel expenses already.

Julie wrote to us on Facebook about what her family is going through.

"We are doing her chemo via IV here in Maine but her out-of-pocket and co-pays are $5000. Then her surgery will be in New York City for two-and-half weeks. We're unsure how many appointments will be in New York to follow up, and after surgery, if she will do the chemo in New York. It's a special chemo that's put directly in her stomach. It is terminal cancer but in the end, she can get many more years if she responds to the treatment which is worth it for us. I just wanted to share her GoFundMe in case this is something that can be shared."

Absolutely we can share it, Hillary.

On a personal note Hillary, I can tell you that I very much relate to your mom's situation as I too had to go through treatment for cancer that left me with bills of over $10,000 out of pocket. Just one dose of my chemotherapy was about the price of a new car. Insurance helps, but patients are still stuck with a large bill to pay.

We all wish you, your family, and your mother the best as she goes through treatment.

If you'd like to help, you can make a donation on their GoFundMe page. Every little bit helps them get to their goal.


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