Every year the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Co. & Museum holds a Polar Express event that re-enacts the train trip to the North Pole made famous in the book and movie. This year's event was going to have an important piece missing from it until some recent good news. 

The railroad and museum are located along Portland's waterfront and runs on the former rails of the Grand Trunk railroad that went from Portland to Montreal until the mid 80's. It's the perfect setting for the trip to the North Pole.

What makes the trip even more special is that the Narrow Gauge's steam locomotive #4 built in 1918 is the traditional power for this train. The Polar Express just seems right when an old fashioned steam locomotive is on the trip.

#4 however has been out of service because it needs a new boiler, so this year the trip would have been powered by one of their more modern diesel locomotives. Luckily though the railroad was granted an extension on the expiration of it's boiler certificate so that means that the current boiler for the locomotive has been inspected and certified to use for the Polar Express event. Now the Polar Express can be experienced with a real working steam locomotive just like it should be!

The Polar Express is at the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Co. & Museum from November 28th through December 23rd and is the largest fundraiser for the non-profit group. Because of events like this and generous donations, the Narrow Gauge is able to keep this piece of history alive.

Tickets are on sale now for the Polar Express.  The train boards at Ocean Gateway and runs to the around the Eastern Prom to the North Pole. Grab them so your kids don't miss out on a experience they'll remember for a lifetime.



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