Saturday was the first nice day in Maine for what seems like weeks. The sun was out, it wasn't cold and people were walking, running and enjoying the Eastern Prom.

I had heard the steam whistle of the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad all the way on the other side of the peninsula in Portland, it's that loud! The steam locomotive runs on the weekend, while they run the more modern diesel locomotive during the week.

I headed down to East End Beach to see it I could catch it and got their just in time to shoot this video of it headed back to the area near Ocean Gateway Terminal. The sound is what I love even more than the video. The over 100 year old locomotive sounding the steam whistle as it approaches the railroad crossing, wheels turning, smoke pouring from the stack as it crosses. It sounds corny, but its kind of like going back in time.

If you want to take a ride on the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad, you can find times and learn more about it on their website.

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