George Carmen, the George of 'New Lungs for George,' passed away Tuesday September 10th.

George was a firefighter and safety officer with the town of New Gloucester for 25 years. He was even nominated as a lifetime member of the fire and rescue department. He was also on the Yarmouth Fire and Rescue back in the early '90s.

George not only battled cystic fibrosis his entire life, but also endured a double lung transplant back in 2011.

He took to his new lungs and was an amazing part of the community.

New Lungs for George Facebook
New Lungs for George Facebook

But last November, George found out he had cancer and once again fought for his life. They even thought he was in remission for part of the summer. But his cancer returned and a kidney had failed.

To fight it this time, his lungs would be rejected by his body. George and his family decided just last week that they would choose to have no more medical treatments. They just focused on making George comfortable.

Scott Doyle, the Captain of the New Gloucester Fire and Rescue and Chairman for New Lungs for George put out a statement that thanked George's supporters...

On behalf of George's family, New Lungs for George committee, and the new Gloucester Fire and Rescue, we appreciate all you have done for this true American hero.

We will miss you were one of the good guys.

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