After a 1.2 million dollar trash bill for Goodwill of Northern New England, they are asking if you would please, please go through your donations carefully.


The Sun Journal reports that Goodwill Northern New England has 30 locations and 17 of those are in Maine. Well, those stores had to get rid of a ton of trash to the tune of 1.2 million dollars.

What can't Goodwill accept?

Goodwill says they are in a tough position. They need those donations, because that's how they exist - but don't have a way to recycle or get rid of things. What are some of the things you can't donate? Some seem pretty obvious: used underwear, car batteries,  construction debris, stained carpets oh and throw away that half-empty bottle of shampoo. Also don't bring in auto parts, baby equipment, mattresses, humidifiers, ammunition and damaged furniture. Damanaged this treasure.

Goodwill Northern New England Facebook
Goodwill Northern New England Facebook

They can't use broken furniture or anything that you can't use. So they have to put that on their trash bill. With covid, a lot of us were stuck at home, going through our 'stuff'. Goodwill NNE got 13.2 MILLION pounds of bad donations. That's up 155% from five years ago.

What WILL Goodwill accept?

The Goodwill stores in Maine will take (in good condition) clothes, computers, books, tools, toys, bed frames and small, working appliances. There's a longer list of accepted items on their website!

Where does money from Goodwill stores go?

The money that Goodwill makes from it's thrift store sales support all their programs. Including helping people recovering from brain injuries in Lewiston and Scarborough. Last year they also helped more than 28,000 with career training or job placement, and even helped some complete their high school equivalency while learning a new skill.

Goodwill doesn't want to discourage you from donating...that is NOT their goal. They just want you to understand more about what they can and can't accept. So do go through that closet and do bring in those clothes that no longer fit - just keep the shoes the dog tore up at home.

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