Gorham police got a call February 22 that shots had been fired and have now determined that it was a "swatting" incident.

What is swatting?

According to Wikipeida, "Swatting is a criminal harassment tactic of deceiving an emergency service (via such means as hoaxing an emergency services dispatcher) into sending a police and emergency service response team to another person's address."

The term has been used as early as 2008 and gets its name from hoaxing an emergency call that a SWAT team might show up for. According to WMTW, that's pretty much what happened. 

A large contingent of Gorham fire, rescue and police officers showed up at a home on Maple drive responding to the shots fired call only to find out later it was all a hoax. The poor woman who lived at the home was naturally scared to death.

The worst part about swatting is it's difficult to find the person responsible for the hoax because it's pretty easy to stay anonymous with today's technology.

That isn't stopping Gorham Police from trying though, so let's hope they find this scumbag and he gets some good quality time behind bars.

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