For 150 days, to celebrate their 150th year in business, Gorham Saving Bank is giving away 150,000 dollars!



Gorham Savings Bank wants to say 'thank you'! That's a nice thanks! Through it's Wish Tree Program they will be granting $150,000 worth of wishes over 150 days.

Not every wish can be granted, but GSB is doing its best to make the greatest impact with the dollars they have to give.

To make a wish you just have to stop by any GSB branch...and no, you don't have to have an account with them. You'll see the Wishing Trees in their lobby. Just stop by to write your wish on a two-part-tag. One part goes into a wish submission box and the other part gets hung on the tree.

Wishes are now accepted through November 15th in each GSB branch!

Here's a couple of wishes that have been granted...

  • College tuition assistance for a 23-year-old UNE student and cancer survivor in Biddeford who helps take care of her little brothers
  • A donation to the Gorham Volunteers In Police Service (VIPS) to purchase supplies to assist officers with traffic control and other non-enforcement community activities

Do you have a wish?  Gorham Savings Bank might just make it come true...



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