Governor Paul LePage has found himself front and center in the headlines this week after a series of comments about racial issues and statue removals. But in case you thought Governor LePage may stop while the lights were shining bright on him, you better think again.

According to WCSH-6, LePage found a new target for his ire on Thursday; Maine's public school teachers. During a press conference celebrating the opening of a new vocational school in Maine, LePage called Maine's public school teachers "a dime a dozen".

That comment is unlikely to sit well with an underpaid and overworked public school system staff. And for thousands of current and former students who leave Maine's public education system and move on to successful careers, the comment sounds tremendous disrespectful.

Maine's public schools continue to struggle to fill open teaching positions, particularly in rural areas. The Governor's comments that Maine's teachers are nothing special, is unlikely to encourage prospective teachers to join Maine's workforce.

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