The Grammy Nominations have been announced! Q artists top the list! Check out all the nominees here. Plus, cool pictures of Mackelmore and Imagine Dragons. The show airs January 26th.

Hey, it's Trent. The Grammys - such a great show - it's all Q music! JT, Mackelmore, Katy, Bruno, Imagine Dragons and so many more Q stars. I look forward to watching it every year. Take a look at the whole list of nominees! Grammy Nominations - Paste Magazine!

Award shows like the Oscars have big movie stars - but nothing compares to the exciting performances at the Grammys. Check out the pictures below - Live shots of Mackelmore at the Grammy Nominations Concert, December, 5th - and Imagine Dragons on tour.

Getty Images - Mackelmore - Live at The Grammy Nominations Concert

Macklemore's album, The Heist is up for Album of the Year.

Getty Images - Dan Platzman of Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons and “Radioactive” are nominated for Record of the Year.