The coronavirus has had a fascinating impact on our environment. Countless photos have been released of previously smog-filled cities, looking clear as can be. You can see before and after photos from across the world from CBS News here.

Some local environmentally-friendly efforts have been changed for the time being as restaurants adjust to takeout and curbside service which, depending on containers, can increase waste. Stores have had to ban reusable shopping bags to reduce the chance of spreading the virus with potentially contaminated bags.

Gritty's locations across the state have been adjusting to the new normal. They've been offering takeout and delivery options and $10 growlers. Many consumers likely see this as an affordable and easy option to enjoy their favorite beers that they'd normally enjoy in-house on a Friday night, but taking the growler route is actually eco-friendly.

To encourage their customers to continue using the growlers, Gritty's in Auburn is offering a special reward! Every time you bring in your Growler for a refill, you'll receive two free Jell-O shots!

In their Instagram post, they assure patrons that every growler and tap go through a rigorous cleaning protocol.

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Hey all you Auburnians! You’ve all been SO supportive, and now we have some fun news for you! We’re all about the reduce-reuse-recycle mantra, and as a result we’re now offering TWO Jell-O shots for FREE with every growler you bring back to reuse! 😍 We’ll have a variety of flavors to keep you happy! 🌴🍋🍍 — Worried about the potential germs? Fret not! We have a rigorous cleaning procedure implemented to ensure all growlers (and taps) are treated with utmost cleanliness. Customers can bring their growlers in or drop them off on our back deck and we’ll leave them there for a few days to be aired out. Then, we’ll clean & sanitize the growler(s) thoroughly so they’re completely sanitary. We’ll hand you a new growler when you drop yours off, then when you come back, we’ll take the new one we gave you and give you the one you returned. Consider it a revolving growler swap - with benefits! — We’re open 12-7pm today and tomorrow for curbside takeout and delivery. Bring in your growlers and walk away with some Jell-O shots AND more beer! 🍺😃🍺 #grittys

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Delicious food, beer, and Jell-O shots? I think I'm taking a trip to Auburn this weekend!

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