When I heard this, I almost hugged my cashier! I'm so excited that MY Hannaford on Forest Avenue is getting....






Oh glorious day! I noticed that the Hannaford Supermarket that I go to (Forest Avenue in Portland - even though I live in Falmouth) was doing something to their registers.

So I asked.

And then it happened. The cashier said the sweet, sweet words:

We're adding self check out aisles.


And it's suppose to happen today! Tuesday June 13th, 2017. I am such a control freak (Need proof? Ask Kylie and Jeff) that I help bag my groceries and if I could I would 'beep' them too!

Okay, that sentenced looks like I meant to swear. No! I'm making the glorious sound of an item being scanned!

I'll see ya down there! Yes, I'll be in the self check out aisle!

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