This is actual great news for Food City!


There are 7 Food City's and 2 Save-A-Lots in Maine, Mass and Vermont - and now they are all 100% employee owned!

The company was founded back in 1985 in Lewiston and obviously it's grown over the years - but no matter the growth, the employees of Food City and Save-A-Lot have been the backbone to the companies success!

According the CEO Zak Sclar,

Each employee is a trusted team member. Over 300 employees will now be owners, which will foster tremendous pride resulting in a positive stake in the Company. These team members have been so loyal and this is a natural evolution in this company. Together we will strive to be more innovative and responsive to our customers' needs.


That's so cool! Plus, they do make a fine damn muffin and their meat department is amazing. Congrats to all the new owners of Food City and Save-A-Lot! What a great way for a company to say that they really do value their employees!


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