On Super Tuesday, a super supporter was in Maine trying to help out Bernie Sanders.


Susan Sarandon (Rocky Horror Picture Show, Thelma and Louise), was seen in Bath, Waterville and at the iconic Becky's Diner in Portland.

Jessica Dale Lesperance

She has been active in politics for a long time and is a huge supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders, the independent from Vermont who wants to go up against Trump for president.

She is supporting Sanders because she is known for her support of progressive and leftist political causes and candidates.

She likes Bernie Sanders because he isn't taking any dark money and his campaign is calling for systematic changes.

It was exciting for Jessica when she realized that it was actually Susan Sarandon who was inside Becky's Diner! She's the hostess.

Then Rob Jacobs had a chance to grab a photo with Susan when she was at the Union Hall in LS6 in Bath.

Rob Jacobs Facebook

According to the Morning Sentinel Sarandon has ties to Maine.  She owned a cabin on Mount Desert Island for 40 years. She loves visiting Maine, and it was fun to have her here.