Almost half of Americans will do this? Oh, count me out!


A 2017 PayPayl Money Habits report showed that 80% of us plan to do our holiday shopping with our phones.

  • 49% will shop in bed
  • 42% will shop at work
  • 35% will buy on their phones WHILE walking through an actual store


  • 46% will shop while sitting on the john. That's up 24% from last year.


That's cuz so many of us are full of....

Is it now, 'Shop 'til you drop...a log'?


No thanks. I'm not gonna buy that pair of shoes Jen wants while...ya know. I like to do that and then get out.  I'm not one to linger on the john. Shower? You bet! Toilet?  I'm good...


Have you bought something while sitting on the john?


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