Ruth and Don LaChance have owned Boynton's Market since's time to give it up.

According to the Kennebec Journal and Central Maine News, Ruth and Don are ready for some free time. She recently had knee surgery, and Don just turned 66, and is ready to retire.


Boynton's Market has done well during the coronavirus and even survived all the construction on Water Street. Ruth told the Kennebec Journal that they are the pulse of Hallowell and that they could write a book of the stories from customers.

Boynton's is a dying breed. A neighborhood grocery store. A break from the giant supermarkets.

Boynton’s Market’s has been in Hallowell since the 30's. Although it started just a door down from where it is now. It has survived a lot, and hopefully the new owners would keep the tradition alive. It saves a trip to Augusta or Waterville for milk or bread. It's the heart of small town Maine...fingers crossed.



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