You have to admit that the messages put up on Binga's Express marquee in Windham are pretty clever, but are they original?

When I saw Binga's latest sign I could have sworn I had heard this joke somewhere else.

Photo by Judith Goodine
Photo by Judith Goodine

It's a great joke, but where had I heard it before?

Turns out the Ariana Grande Font joke is almost five years old and it was originally Tweeted by The New Yorker journalist Ronan Farrow. He became well known almost a year ago when he uncovered the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse allegations. Before then, he went viral with his Ariana Grande font tweet.


In fact it was so good, he tweeted it again a few weeks later.


Now we're not saying we still don't think Binga's signs are hilarious. They are. But, maybe we just can't give them all the credit for coming up with these like we have been doing.

It doesn't matter if they're original or not Binga's. Keep 'em coming!


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