To celebrate 2/22/22 yesterday, a brand new alcoholic spin on a classic soft drink dropped to the public. Well, a very select portion of the public.

Boston Beer Company and Pepsi Co. decided to collaborate on an alcoholic version of Mountain Dew called Hard Mountain Dew. The brand new drink is a bit of a twist on regular Mountain Dew -- instead of just dumping vodka or another type of booze into Mountain Dew and selling it as a brand new revolutionary product, Boston Beer Co. and Pepsi Co. decided to collab on an addition into the world of hard seltzer.

According to CNN, Hard Mountain Dew is a sugar-free spiked seltzer that's available in either single-serve 24 oz. slammer cans, or in a variety pack filled with 12 oz cans. Four different flavors of the new drink are available -- Original, Baja Blast, Black Cherry, and Watermelon.

Most popularly known for their wide selection of Samuel Adams Beer (you name it, it's made -- Boston Lager, Porch Rocker, Cherry Wheat, Summer Ale, and a laundry list more), Boston Beer Co. is behind additional alcoholic products like Twisted Tea, Angry Orchard, Truly Hard Seltzer and a bunch more.

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And with Boston Beer Co. being located in New England, you'd think that at the very least, every single product they produce would be offered first and foremost IN NEW ENGLAND.

However, again, even though the producer of Hard Mountain Dew is located IN NEW ENGLAND, the new drink couldn't be offered further away from us. According to CNN, Hard Mountain Dew is currently only available at select stores in Florida, Tennessee, and Iowa.

More states will have Hard Mountain Dew available throughout the year, and it'll all be trackable on the Hard Mountain Dew Twitter account.

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