Is that you?

Google has been snapping pictures with their cars since 2007. As technology gets better, so do the images. Street View cars have special cameras mounted on them that snap away as they drive. Then they are all stitched together to produce a pretty seamless 360-degree image. It's funny, if you ever land on a street in Google Maps, and scoot down the road with your mouse, you may start in sunshine and end in clouds. Are you in any of the pictures? Do you know anyone in the pictures? It may be hard to tell because they blur any faces or license plates to protect their owners’ safety and privacy.

Photo by Suzy Brooks on Unsplash
Photo by Suzy Brooks on Unsplash

According to an article in Readers Digest about just how do these cars work, it's not just the cars taking all those pictures. Thousands of Google volunteers snap pics for Google Maps to use. A lot of people volunteer to take pictures in areas where cars just can't go. Oh and speaking of cars, just what kind of car does Google use? A lot of them are the Subaru Impreza. But they also use trolleys, snowmobiles, and three-wheelers.

Have you seen the Google Street View car? I wish. I would so pose or jump around or do something. Then I would Google that sucker! They are constantly updating the pictures as our landscape is always changing. Do you recognize yourself or someone you know in any of these pictures? Smile...the Google Street View car is coming!

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