One of the common problems that any police department faces is how to quell speeding in their town. Speed limit signs and personal responsibility just aren't enough often times.

Many police departments don't have the resources to assign officers to a given location where speeding may be occurring consistently.

So, those police departments have to get creative and that brings us to this little trick from Windham, Maine.

Shared on Facebook by Kevin Alling, he happened to notice that a Windham police cruiser was occupied by an individual that seemed to be awfully pale in complexion. After getting closer, the secret was out.

There wasn't a real police officer maintaining law and order in that cruiser, it was a dummy.

The practice of using dummy cops in cruisers is not an uncommon practice nationwide. Studies have shown that these stationary cruisers with dummy cops often reduce the number of people speeding by 20-30%.

That decrease in speeding could save someone's life or it certainly could keep some cash in their pocket.

So now that the secret is out, what will the Windham Police Department do?

Seems like the perfect time to put a real officer in one of those cruisers and see if people have taken the hint. Simple tricks, effective results.

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