Unloading some old stuff this weekend? Here are some great tips if you are having a sale and tell us where yours is too! 

Summer is here and so are all the yard sale signs. They are pretty much everywhere during the weekends. On trees, next to street signs, in the Penny Saver. I'm having one in a couple of weeks and found some great tips I thought I would share.

First off, where to advertise. There are plenty of spots including social media, but I found a great FREE website that breaks it down state by state. Here you go:

The number one thing I found through my research is DO NOT OVERPRICE. It's awesome to make money but the main objective is to clear out as much clutter as possible, getting hung up on emotions behind an item can hold you back.

Have newspaper of tissue paper available to wrap up an item for someone. Also have a plug available for people to try out electronics.

Making sure that you use round numbers like $2.00 instead of $1.80 and $.25 instead of $.15 will make things a ton easier. Also have a apron on with pockets to hold the money. That way you have it tucked safe away and you can make change wherever your patron is.

Here are some more great tips I found to help you out...Tell us where your yard or garage sale is going to be in the comment section below and feel free to share any tips.



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