5-year-old Hayden was born with a genetic syndrome called Hemifacial Microsomia. The surgery to get a new ear is possible, but it's expensive and NOT covered by insurance.

Sheila Libby

It's a procedure for Hayden in which he would get a BAHA (hearing device) on the left side, Medpor ear (ear reconstruction), and fat grafting on the left side to improve symmetry. This can all be done in ONE OUTPATIENT SURGERY at any age.

The surgeon has already been contacted and is able to schedule Hayden whenever the family is ready. The condition Hayden has affects one side of his face, where it remains underdeveloped. It affects everyone differently.

Sheila Libby

This poor little guy has been through 10 surgeries already in his short life. So why are they not booking this surgery? Cost. Hayden's insurance will not cover this surgery.

They have exhausted all options and have come to the hard decision that they have to ask for help. The total cost for the procedure is $70,050.

They are so grateful for the help to get Hayden his 'Big Ear' so he can hear on both sides.

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