HayLee needs your help to get the next three years of college paid for...by Dr. Pepper!


HayLee is a sophmore at Unity College. Dr. Pepper is a soda that sorta tastes like Moxie. Dr. Pepper is giving away 1 million dollars in tuition for students to reach their biggest goals.

So, what's Haylee's goal?

I want to learn how everything around us affects us as beings and then show the younger generations how it all works. I plan on majoring in Marine biology. I want to travel and research. Then eventually I want to return to my home state and become a science teacher for either middle school or high school.


As soon as HayLee gets 50 votes, she then needs to make a video, to try and get even more votes! Let's help HayLee get the rest of her college career paid for!

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