Octavia Bishop is self-taught. She is incredible...


Octavia has been paiting all her life and is now doing what most of us hope to achieve. Doing what she loves and making a living at it. She loves not only painting, but making videos of her work. She's been painting since she was in kindergarten. Even at that young age, she knew she had a knack for it. Plus, she loved watching people's reaction to her art.

Her latest mural covers the green room at Stone Mountain Arts Center in Brownfield, Maine. She did a mysterious hidden forest magical creatures wall mural, and was lucky to be have free rein to create whatever she wanted.

She's hoping that this will bring a smile and maybe a conversation starter for the many artists passing through.

She says about her latest,

As out there as it is, I've imagined walking down a path like this within a beautiful forest many times. Every adventure I've taken through the woods has me imagining magical things and wanting to take that trail that looks almost as if no one has taken it before. Every path has its own meaning, every creature mysterious and symbolic. Follow the light and enjoy the journey… wherever it may take you.

If you need something soothing, calming and completely mesmerizing...please chek out Octavia's work. It's truly amazing.



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