Here we are again! Talking about the New England Patriots winning another Super Bowl. 9 appearances, 6 titles, 3rd Super Bowl in a row. It's nothing new for the fans. We're used to it. So spoiled. But we never want the dynasty to end.

Neither does Rob Gronkowski who made a crucial catch in SB LIII  which led to the only Touchdown in the game. And who may or may not have hinted at returning to play next season in a Tom Brady Instagram post.

Whether he does come back or not, Gronk always reminds us that he's always down to party anytime, anywhere. Including yet another Patriots Victory Parade in Boston.

1. Sheer Joy.

The look on his face says it all here. This guy can barely walk after games these days but still gives his all to get the job done.

2. Drink Up Gronk, You've Earned It

Every time the Pats win Gronk is chugging something during the parade. This year it was apparently a $500 bottle of wine.

3. Gronk Being Gronk

Hey Hey, easy there guy. There are kids in the crowd. Gronk can't keep his hands off his girlfriend in this tweet, and then he chucks an entire jug of Tide Pods to the fans. I hope they don't eat em.

4. Still Making Clutch Catches

The season may be over but the instinct will always be there. A shirtless Gronk makes another perfect catch when a fan throws a congratulatory beer to him during the parade.

5. Heads Up!!

Gronk gets beamed in the face with a rouge football but shakes it off and doesn't miss a beat in celebrating another Championship!

6. Gronk's Next Career?

It's no secret that Gronk is a big fan of the WWE and they are a big fan of him.So much so that they made him a custom championship belt, even WWE CEO Triple H has let it be known that the door is open if number 87 wanted to join the weekly show. This belt is more a nod to the entire Patriots team but it's still one of my favorites.

And A Bonus Tweet

It's a little shaky but what can you expect when your in a sea of 1.5 million fans who came out to see them? Gronk chugs a beer during the parade.

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