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If there's one person that's missed in New England, not even necessarily for his skills playing for the Pats, but just as a human in general and the energy he always brought with him around the area, it's Yo Soy Fiesta himself, Rob Gronkowski.

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Whether it was partying shirtless around Boston, hosting his infamous Gronk Cruise, or even just saying the most frat boy-sounding phrases in an interview that you roll your eyes over but also smile and laugh about, Gronk just always had this special aura around New England.

That said, regardless of his aura and energy, there may be a certain group of loyal fans coming after him for what he just mentioned during his appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

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Rob Gronkowski Kelly Clarkson

Earlier this week, Gronk made an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, and in between his usual Gronk antics, talking about fantasy football, and how Kelly admitted she wasn't too happy with him because he predicted the Dallas Cowboys (her favorite team) to go all the way this year and they clearly didn't, he made his prediction for this Sunday.

Gronk Super Bowl Pick

During his chat with Kelly, she brought up that he previously mentioned that his pick to win the Super Bowl this Sunday was the San Francisco 49ers, which he doubled down on when Kelly asked if he still believed that.

And that might be where Gronk went wrong, and why Swifties may target him.

Taylor Swift Super Bowl

With Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's relationship being one of the most talked about things this entire season (especially during Super Bowl Press Week), there's no doubt that Taylor's most hardcore fans, the Swifties, are backing her man's team, the Kansas City Chiefs (or, as recently known, the Kansas Swifty Chiefs) to win it all.

Which means, in the eyes of Swifties as often happens, if you're not with Taylor Swift, you're against her, and hell hath no fury like the social media venom of the Swifties.

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