Life is so funny. I think my favorite part about it is the idea that you wake up every day unable to predict where your day is going to take you. Well, last weekend, I woke up on Saturday and knew I had to travel to Boston to be on TV, but I didn't know what was going to come next, (just the way I like it).

Also, side-note, I've never had oysters before. Yes, I know that's a crime living in what I call seafood nation (Portland, Maine).

Okay, here's the short story. While I was down in Beantown celebrating Beantown Pub's 25th Anniversary, I ran into one of the nicest humans I've ever met. His name was Gordie, and he's got his own identity aside from just being former Patriot's tight end Rob Gronkowski's brother.


Truthfully, before I met him at this event, I had no idea who he was until he told me his name. Once he said it was Gordie, it clicked for me, because I've seen the gym he's launched on Instagram. We all know I'm a fitness junkie, so I respected it.

Anyways, we ended up going out with a few of our mutual friends to a cool little spot for "the best oysters in the city" after it somehow came up that I've never tried an oyster in my entire life. It was a cute little private spot on the water that I wish I could remember the name of, but I'll circle back to that one day when I find it again.

A paragraph of facts you didn't ask for: I have a love-hate relationship with oysters because they remind me of boogers. I also desperately really want to like them because then I can actually order them with my friends. It's comparable to Bloody Mary's. I truly hate them, but I so desperately want to like them when my friends are all ordering and enjoying them at brunch. I really just can't get behind ketchup on ice through a straw. I'm SORRY, I said it.

Back to my story. We shot oysters, and to be honest, they weren't as terrible as I thought they were gonna be. In fact, this little Boston spot had some absolutely amazing ones. I'm still not going to order them ever again, but thanks for the memories, Gronk!

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