Taylor Swift Maine

The Queen, the Goddess, the Icon, Taylor Swift, is no stranger to Maine and actually has history here, that's ironically, just over 13 years old.

Because it was back in 2010 when Taylor not only filmed part of the music video for one of her smashes, Mine, in Kennebunkport, but she also returned to Vacationland to release the music video to the world.

And even with that aside, there are still plenty of Taylor ties to Maine beyond just everything involving the filming and release of Mine, like her interview back in 2007 on News Center MAINE's 207 show, Taylor being the inspiration for animal fundraising here in the state, Taylor cover shows being scheduled in Portland, and more.

And, starting on Friday, April 19, at 6a, there will be one more tie added to the list, because Taylor is taking over the Maine airwaves all weekend long.

Getty Images / Eivaisla / taylorswift via Instagram
Getty Images / Eivaisla / taylorswift via Instagram

The Tortured Poets Department

This Friday, April 19 (technically, overnight Thursday into Friday), Taylor drops another highly anticipated brand new album, The Tortured Poets Department.

16 tracks of absolute glory, not to mention some bonus tracks sprinkled in here. And to celebrate, we're giving you our Taylor Takeover all weekend long on Q97.9!

Starting at 6a on Friday, April 19, with Krissy in the Morning, all the way through Sunday, April 21, just after 11p, we'll start every single hour with a Taylor song.

It could be a brand new song off of The Tortured Poets Department, it could be a classic Taylor throwback, or it could be something somewhere in between with a current favorite you still can't get enough of.

Plus, as if that's not enough, there's a solid chance that you'll hear brand new Taylor tracks off The Tortured Poets Department sprinked in 13 minutes past the hour (you KNOW why), and more Taylor throughout the hour!

Because when THE QUEEN GODDESS OF EVERYTHING drops a brand new album, you throw the rulebook out the window and celebrate.

The Tortured Poets Department on Vinyl

By the way, since Taylor on vinyl is basically like owning a massive gold bar that you'd never sell off, we have your shot to score not just Taylor's brand new album on vinyl...

...but a copy of The Tortured Poets Department on phantom clear vinyl, which is available exclusively at Target, courtesy of Universal Music Group!

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