Before all the fame, NFL player boyfriends, and surprise double album drops, there actually was a time where Taylor Swift loved coming to the 207. Although she does still say she loves Portland, Maine, the last time she performed here was back in 2010.

Do you remember back in 2010 when she released the music video "Mine" on Country Music Television? It's basically country music's version of MTV. Well, a part of that video was shot right here on Colony Beach in Maine, where she flew into Bangor International Airport to film it.

According to fox23maine, Swift shot her music video, "Mine" in the Christ Church on Dane Street.

Check this out:

Here's the best part. After she had flew into Bangor International Airport (which, by the way, now has a new Breeze Airline flight), she must have gone home feeling like that wasn't enough Maine for her system. She actually came back to perform outside St. Anne's Church that same year (2010).

Here, check this out:

Before the world experienced what we call a "Taylor Takeover", I really think she'd take residency here if she could. Think about this. We now have Julia Gagon of Cumberland, Maine, on American Idol, absolutely crushing the ratings and being in the Top 8 at the time of this writing. Famous people love it here (as the housing market prices are a clear indication), and so do many other people.

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