The 2023-24 NFL season has been unlike anything we've ever seen before. Football is not the only thing being covered by the networks now that superstar Taylor Swift has been dating the Kansas City Chiefs' Travis Kelce. That has created a rift between die-hard football fans and the more casual viewers tuning in to see Taylor.

With the Chiefs on their way to Super Bowl LVIII, the heat of Taylor hate is getting stronger.

On one side are the fantasy league-playing, NFL draft-watching, ESPN in-depth analysis fans of football. The other side is Team Swifties, who hold their breath waiting for another shot of Taylor. The two don't see eye to eye over what they consider Taylor's interruption of the game to see what she's doing in the luxury box.

That's led to some social media hatred of the whole Taylor/Travis situation, which has been addressed head-on by those who think it's ridiculous.

Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Even the Wells Police Department took to Facebook to post a "Special Press Release" and give their take on all this hatred. They're pretty much spot-on with this part of their statement:

The amount of hate Taylor is receiving is uncalled for. To have the most successful female artist of all time watching a sport you love is probably one of the coolest things that’s happened to football in a long time.

Then there's a bit of a mic drop at the end:

The amount of core memories being made by parents and children, of all ages watching football together, that normally wouldn’t, should bring a smile to your face.

With that being said – Go 49ers!!"


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