I love this, because I love when men aren't afraid to say they actually enjoy a female artist that most girls freak out over. Taylor Swift just dropped an album at midnight called The Tortured Poets Department, along with a second double album edition, The Anthology. Let's be honest, it's safe to say people all over the world are freaking out right now, as this is one of the most anticipated albums of all time. I mean, come on. She got out of a toxic relationship and right into a new one with the NFL's Travis Kelce, who we're all going to listen to the lyrics extra closely for.

Brilliant timing on the Portland Sea Dogs for this one, though. They were put up to the challenge of one of our favorite games on Krissy in the Morning: finish the Taylor Swift lyrics. Honestly, they each did pretty damn good. We gotta give credit where credit is due. Good job, boys.

Here's the full reel, if you haven't seen it yet. This is the whole reason why I'm gonna go to the Sea Dogs game in Portland tonight, LOL:

I say we bring this to the morning show. Maybe next week, we'll play "Can You Out-Lyric a Sea Dogs Player" to celebrate the start of baseball season opening up again in Portland. Anyone?

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