I really love that Market Basket is making its presence in Maine. It's about time! I grew up going to Stop & Shop because I'm from New Jersey, and it wasn't until I went to college in New England where I discovered the magic that is Market Basket. Boston had these grocery stores in almost every town, if not two in the same town making them very common. Once I moved to Maine for radio, I realized that Hannaford or Shaw's was the new go-to up here.

How many Market Basket grocery stores are in Maine?

There's only two locations as of right now, one in Biddeford and one in Westbrook. The one in Westbrook is my go-to, and I'm not even mad that I find myself there at least three times a week. Does anybody else love going to the soup section just to check if there's any good flavors before you do your grocery shopping? Did you also know they have some really good hot chocolate made to order at the little market next to the registers? Just some little sidetones.

Anyways, it looks like there's about to be a third location opening up in Topsham, and it's going to be brand-new! You can check out all the behind-the-scenes photos of the construction going into it right now here.

Here's a few that my dear friend Jadd took:

attachment-Image (2)
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There is no official hard launch date for the new Topsham location, but according to shopmarketbasket.com, it will be announced on their website!

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